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Roofing company in Dallas, TX
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Texas Roofing & Renovations, LLC are experts in making the claim process as painless as possible. Our experienced project managers will walk you through every step of the claim from beginning to end. We also have licensed insurance adjusters on staff who deal directly with your insurance carrier, so you do not have to. We handle all aspects of the claim including but not limited to roof replacement, gutters, siding, windows, paint, and skylights. No project is too big or too small. We are so confident in our work quality that we offer something no one else in the industry does. We offer a lifetime workmanship warranty for all of our projects.

About The Owner

The founder and owner of Texas Roofing & Renovations, LLC is a United States Marine Corps combat veteran. Chad Hawkins spent most of 2008 in Nowzad, Afghanistan serving in the infantry as a machine gunner with 2nd Battalion 7th Marines, Fox Company, Weapons Platoon.

Chad and his team took care of us from start to finish and patiently answered all of our questions along the way. We had never replaced a roof before and did not really understand how the process worked. Taylor, the project manager assigned to our claim, was always available any time we had a question or concern. I highly recommend using Texas Roofing to replace your next roof. They do great work, and they are good people.


Residential Roofing

TR&R specializes in high end roofing systems like slate, metal, and Spanish tile. With over 20 years experience in high end roofing we are more than capable. The axiom “excellence over profit” has long since been our compass. In addition to high end roofing we also replace dozens of shingle roofs a year as well.

TR&R offers a LIFETIME workmanship warranty on ALL roofing systems. This sets us apart in an industry that typically only offers 5 or 10 year workmanship warranties.

Commercial Roofing

Our preferred roofing system for most commercial jobs with flat roofs is TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin). TPO is a single ply roofing membrane that is more energy efficient than most other roofing systems. A TPO roof is as UV-resistant and as heat-resistant as EPDM, and as heat-weldable as PVC. TPO is available in white, light grey and black reflective color options.In comparison to other thermoplastic membranes, TPO resists mold growth, dirt accumulation, tears impact and punctures. It is made to be flexible and can allow for a building’s movement or settling.

In addition to TPO we use other commercial roofing systems such as silicone, PVC, BUR and Modified, Architectural Sheet Metal, Foam, and Coatings. We have experience and expertise to handle new roofs, re-roofs and restorations of roof systems throughout the entire DFW Metroplex.

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